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Drew, 20 years old, Psych major, comedian, writer, and that weird friend that you don't know why you keep around. I love meeting new people, so hit up my ask box! I follow back and I try to answer asks right away. I blog what I want. I love cars, girls, and music. I look forward to talking to my followers! Want to promote your blog? Click the following link! Promote your Tumblr! tumblr hit counter
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Through The Phone

By SamAlive

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Loki can rule in dress shirts as well

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Just another day in the hood

When I take the theme of a theme party way further than anyone else

Tumblr - New favorite shirt

I just got soaked walking to the bus stop but I dont even care I love you rain


i swear to god i’m dying over here. and these aren’t even all of them, enjoy.

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